Personal Injury Damages in a Bike Accident Claim

Medical Damages
Medical damages are a type of economic damage. This is because they can be calculated in dollars and cents, simply by looking at the injured person’s medical bills. A Miami bike accident victim may be able to recover monetary compensation for the costs of all medical visits, physical therapy, and medical procedures, which are causally related to the bike accident and the injuries sustained therein. This is true even if health insurance paid for some or all of the bike accident victim’s medical treatment and bills.

Lost Wages
Like medical damages, lost wages are a type of economic damage. Bike accident victims may be able to recover lost wage compensation for the time they missed from work following their accident. This includes time missed from work for attending medical appointments and physical therapy sessions.

To calculate lost wage damages, you would ordinarily take the employee’s hourly wage and multiply this amount by the number of hours or days missed from work. When workers are independent contractors, as opposed to employees, lost wage calculations can become more difficult. In this instance, an economist may be able to develop of formula for calculating the bike accident victim’s lost wages.

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